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Stein Lighting

Product features
● adopt imported high power LED light source, high luminous efficiency;
● compared to high pressure sodium street lamp, energy saving 70%, can be matched with the brightness function control more power efficient digital;
The low voltage power supply constant current mode, safe and reliable;
● for as long as 10 years, reducing the potential disruption of traffic, reduce the repair costs paid;
The structure is compact, sporadic, protection grade reaches P67

The scope of application
● suitable for highway, community, garden, Plaza, an outdoor stadium in all kinds of fields such as road lighting.

Technical parameters:

 Model  SLD-1X-4Z-160W


Input voltage  AC175~265V
The frequency of the input voltage  50/60HZ
Luminous flux  14000lm
Light angle >120
Optional color temperature  Warm white, white, cool white, natural white
Color rendering index >70
Power factor  >0.95
Working temperature  -20~50
Protection grade  IP65
Installation dimension  Φ60mm



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