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Stein Lighting

The characteristics of the product:
The lamp using the appearance design is simple, novel, easy to install. The high thermal conductivity aluminum unibody radiator, integrated high power COB light source adopts imported chip package, light effect is good, can be used to meet customer demand a wide range of lighting.
Product application:
This product can be widely used in small roads, large warehouses, workshops and other large-scale indoor lighting occasions.

The specification



Radiator aluminum alloy PC plastic end cover +

Size and shape


Surface temperature (c)


Weight (Kg)


Temperature (c)


Color temperature (k)

Warm white / natural white / White / cold white optional

The LED control device

LED constant current source 50W*2

Total power (W)


Light source


Working voltage (V)

AC 180~265

The number of light sources


The working frequency (Hz)


Light angle (°)


Power factor


Luminous flux (Lm)


The drive current (mA)


Color rendering index


* the surface temperature is measured radiator surface temperature in ambient temperature of 25 ℃.
LED lamp installation instructions
The installation of this product please relevant laws and regulations comply with national, regional, local.
Do not place the lamp body installed in humid or Water Leakage environment.
Installation notes:
● it or check the product must have electrical expertise qualification, in order to prevent the danger of electric shock.
We recommend that you install work gloves, to protect the lamp body and the glass lens.
● can only be installed using the screws supplied, lost in the screw, please order the corresponding specification screw.
● don't look emitting LED lighting close eyes, lest by light pollution.
● wire if there is smoke, fire situation, please turn off the power immediately and notify the relevant personnel to repair.
Maintenance method:
● to ensure optimal lighting effect, please regular cleaning of lighting (recommended once a year).
● the cleaning surface of the lamp when please wipe with a soft cloth, do not use chemical solvents to clean, to prevent the loss of the ring surface.
● the internal parts replacement maintenance please cut off the power supply.
1, the 4 screws loosen, remove the lens kit (gently, damage to the lens).
2, the aluminum cover on the radiator, align the screw holes, the lens set pressure in the aluminum cover, and then tighten the screws (with spring washer flat as appropriate).
3, the lamp body is installed and fixed, connect the power line (joints must be tight insulation can be used).



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