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Stein Lighting

Product features:
● impact resistance, strong earthquake, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation.
● using PWM constant current technology, high efficiency, low energy, high precision of constant flow.
The long life of 30000 hours, 30 times more than the traditional tungsten filament lamp.
● high luminous efficiency, up to 80LM/W, color temperature optional, high color rendering index, good color rendering.
● LED ceiling lamp two optics lens. LED lens is: concentrating, protection, beautiful appearance, to avoid duplication of light,
● use optical efficiency is 10% higher than that of normal LED.
● LED ceiling lamp to reduce line loss, no pollution to the power grid, the green environmental protection, no lead, mercury and other pollution elements.
The scope of application
● widely used to store in the show window, hotel, restaurant, exhibition hall, art gallery, museum, office, reading room, indoor decoration lighting; city lights
Of the hero, advertising signs and the background of the stage decoration etc.. 


Technical parameters:

Model  ST-K5-12W-A/B



Optional styles

 Flat type, cup type
Input voltage  AC85~265V,50/60HZ
Luminous flux  950lm
Light angle 30 ~60
Optional color temperature  Warm white, white, cool white, natural white
Color rendering index >80
Texture of material  PC+Cast aluminum
Working temperature  -20~40
Appearance size  Φ144mm
The size of holes  Φ127mm


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