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Stein Lighting


Product features:
● adopt low attenuation of high brightness LED light source, to ensure that in the same conditions than ordinary LED lamp light decay more slowly, more bright;
● good heat dissipation, light body temperature <50 ℃, under the same conditions than ordinary LED lamp heat better, longer life;
● LED lamp driven by post feedback technology, compared with the traditional technology of higher conversion efficiency, can reach 90%;
We have a variety of color options, high color, can meet the needs of different customers in different environment demand.
The scope of application:
Basic lighting this series of products applicable to indoor Home Furnishing, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, office, hospital, school, subway, shops and other places.
Technical parameters:

 Model  SD-K5-12W
 Power  12W
 Input voltage  AC85~265V
 Frequency  50/60HZ
 Luminous flux 910
 Light angle  90°
Optional color temperature Warm white, white, cool white, natural white
 Color rendering index  >80
 Texture of material  Aluminum alloy +PC
 Appearance size Φ150mm
The size of holes Φ127mm



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